Chinese Cases Gives Us Our First Look At What The 7.85-Inch iPad mini Will Probably Look Like [Gallery]



It’s foolish to put too much stock in “leaked” images of third-party cases when it comes to predicting what the next Apple device is going to look like, but these iPad mini cases found in China really do look like the real thing: these aren’t just made for a shrunk-down-to-seven-inches iPad, but for a new tablet that is more like a big iPhone when it comes to its bezel design.

Other interesting details of these cases include a rear camera, no LED flash, a front facing Facetime camera, a smalller dock connector, and volume rockers on the right side of the device. Gizchina, where these pictures originate, speculate that a hole in the center of the case is meant to attach a “lanyard,” but that’s just silly: Apple wouldn’t ship a product with a laynard. That’s a hole for a microphone, same as you’ll find in the current iPad.

More images below. What do you think?


Source: Gizchina

  • TheRealGtafan

    iPad mini or not but the case is darn fancy.

  • Celestektw

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  • Skywaytraffic

    Doesn’t exist.

  • mr_bee

    Only the rubber one has the audio jack on the bottom, and it looks kind of fake to me. I wouldn’t put your money on any of these.

    Edit: the rubber one also has a headphone jack on the top, so they are ALL fake.