Leaked Photos Show Fujifilm X-E1 Drops Revolutionary Viewfinder To Save Money


Like shipping an iPhone with Android OS, the X-E1 drops the most important part of the X-range.



What’s the single standout feature that makes you want to buy Fujifilm’s retro-tastic X-series cameras? It’s that neat hybrid viewfinder, right? That’s the real innovation, and the real difference not only between the X cameras and your screen-only iPhone, but between the X-series and all mirrorless cameras.

Which brings us to leaked news of the forthcoming X-E1, a new budget-friendly X-series body which trims the cost by… ditching that viewfinder.



Without the hybrid ‘finder – which lets you switch instantly between optical and electronic views and even overlay a HUD on the optical side – the X-E1 is just another mirrorless camera, albeit one with a big APC-C sensor and access to Fujifilm’s lens range.

Still, it does at least keep the all-manual knobs and dials, plus the metallic good looks of its better brothers. I would much rather have seen a plastic-bodied version with the viewfinder intact, but maybe that’s just me?

Source: の画像 – デジカメinfo

Via: PetaPixel


  • popeyoni

    I think this is a great move. The hybrid viewfinder is neat, but it is not necessary. The optical part doesn’t work well with zooms or very long or very wide lenses. Now I hope they improved the focusing speed.