Leaked iPhone 5 Display Panel Shows New FaceTime Camera And Larger Screen [Rumor]



We’ve seen multiple iPhone 5 part leaks in the months leading up to Apple’s rumored September 12th announcement, and new tidbits continue to surface as the event draws near. Today more alleged components have hit the internet, including a fully assembled front panel for the next iPhone.

The panel shows a taller display with a centered FaceTime camera above the earpiece.

The UBreakiFix repair shop got its hands on these parts, and they do match up with previous leaks and rumors. The next iPhone is expected to feature a metallic unibody design, 4-inch display, LTE networking, and more. For all the details, check out our rumor roundup.

Source: UBreakiFix

Via: MacRumors

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    What needs to be consider or thought of, is the Bottom and Top “bezels” of this next iPhone. If these were made thinner, the next iPhone could (literally) be almost the same size, if not the exact same size as the current iPhone.

    Why do I bring this up? Ultra Thin bezels. With Android going to software buttons, essentially the whole front can be the display.

    For example, if the bezels were made smaller on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Google’s halo phone), especially on the bottom and top of the phone, the Galaxy Nexus could be just (marginally) larger than the iPhone. Meaning? Compared to a current iPhone, a new Android phone could (literally) have a 4.5 to 4.7 inch display and be the same size of the iPhone. Granted it may still be wider than the iPhone.

    Ultra-Thin Bezels. What do Ultra-Thin Bezels allow for? It allows to have the largest display in the smallest phone possible. Thus, you can have phones with a 4.5 inch display that is just (slightly) larger than the current iPhone and then possibly have a phone with a 5.5 inch display (like the next rumored Galaxy Note II) that is quite literally, the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S III with it’s 4.8 inch display.

    Once bezels start to shrink considerably (especially on the top and bottoms of phones), expect for larger display phones to take off even more than they already have.

  • The_Truth_Hurts


    “Who cares? The bezels exist for a reason.”
    Yes, but there comes to an extent where there is too /much/ bezel, and all it is doing is causing the phone to be far larger than it needs to be.

    “And with Android going to software buttons, they remove all ability to get out of frozen applications and hold the device landscape.”
    Wrong. There are physical buttons still, just on the side. This (still) allows to get out of frozen applications, etc. And hold device landscape? Is there a problem holding it portrait? I don’t think so.

    “I’d think no. Holding a 5″ screen to your face still looks stupid.”
    Holding a big honking block with thick bezels to your face look stupid.
    Matter of fact, a Phone with a 5 inch display with “thin bezels”, will be marginally larger than the iPhone. Just slightly taller than the iPhone, and thicker.

    Android is going software buttons.
    BB is going software buttons.
    Windows is going software buttons.

    Software buttons, instead of a physical buttons on the bottom of the phone allow for thinner bezels. Thus, allowing the phone to have a larger display without getting larger or allow the phone to get smaller. Plus with software buttons, you can “customize” them better. Thus allowing for far more functionality.

  • The_Truth_Hurts


    “So there’s a software Back button on the front and a hardware Back button on the side? How does that work out?”

    Volume, Power, sometimes camera button. Android has Back, “home screen”, and switching apps software wise. The BB tablet? I have not played with it often, but it has gestures (swipe from one side) to get back, switch apps, etc.. Windows tablets will have similar things. Holding buttons down, or holding combination of buttons down allow for even more stuff as well.

    “Exactly, so why would you ever want a larger phone in the first place? I’m ignoring the fact that you’re singling out bezels in this, because you’d have to be an idiot to think that the size of a bezel makes or breaks the stupidity of a phone’s use as a phone.”

    Simple. GPS? Want to stare at a 3.5″ display trying to navigate a busy street? Far easier to use a 4.6″ inch display or larger. Want to stare at a 3.5″ display to what a movie? A larger display allows for a larger image. Love to read? More of the page (or larger font). Web pages? Larger print, more stuff fits onto the display. If you love to “write” your notes out, a large display, like that in the galaxy note, allows you to do it. There is (simply) just more room to do stuff and enjoy stuff. If the bezels were made smaller on the Galaxy Note? It wouldn’t be as giant as it currently is. (basically) it’s almost the same reasons why an iPad is far better than a 7 inch tablet, that a lot try to claim. A larger display just allows for a lot more stuff, etc..

    “Software buttons, instead of a physical buttons on the bottom of the phone allow for thinner bezels.
    And nothing else, giving no benefit over a hardware button that actually works when the software locks up.”
    Wrong. If you are watching a movie, some stuff like that, the buttons fade behind the video/photo/whatever and allows that to fill up the entire display. Need the buttons? tap on the display and they come back. I believe BB and Windows are both going to “gestures”, thus there is no buttons. Just the full display. Software locks up? You have the power buttons and the other physical buttons. You just click on those and you’ll be able to get out of the closed app, etc…

    “… That’s an absolutely horrible argument. There’s nothing a software button can do that a hardware button cannot, except be less useful.”
    So one physical button on the bottom of the screen. That’s as useless as you can get. The three software buttons with Android. Back. Apps, webpage, etc.. If I need to go back, I just tap that. Same place and takes me back to whatever. “home” button. Just click that and to my home screen. Then their is the recently used app button. Just click on that and (easily) see all the apps you recently used. And sometimes you have settings, etc… pop up next to the 3rd software button. They are like hardware buttons. Except they can do a heck a lot more than a hardware button.

  • The_Truth_Hurts


    Apple makes a Phone with a 5 inch display, with ultra-thin bezels, with software buttons/gestures instead of the big honking button at the bottom of the screen. They include a stylus, removable battery, microSD slot, LTE, NFC, Flash, the ability to download apps outside of the app store, etc… Suddenly large displays are fine! ultra-thin bezels are fine! software buttons/gestures are fine! stylus is fine! removable battery is fine! microSD is fine! LTE is fine! NFC is fine! Flash is fine! ability to download any sort of apps is fine!

    Apple has it: It’s the best thing!
    Apple doesn’t have it: It’s utter junk! Nobody wants it!
    Apple gets it: It’s the best thing!

    Are these stuff junk? Are these stuff nobody wants? Does Apple has it right? No. It’s that Apple doesn’t have those stuff (yet) and until Apple puts those stuff in, we will trash it, play it under like nobody has it. Why? Because why pick up an Apple product that doesn’t have those stuff, when you can pick up a non-Apple product that does?

    What is going on?
    Denial. It’s knowing that there is (simply) a better product out there, but not admitting to it because what was “taught” that was “right” all along is not right, but wrong. That is what is going on. That large display, thin bezels, software buttons, stylus, removable battery, microSD slot, LTE, NFC, Flash, the ability to download apps outside of the app store, etc… is by (far) “better” than a small display, big honking bezels, hardware button, no stylus, fixed battery, non microSD slot, no LTE, no NFC, no Flash, no ability to download apps outside of the store, etc… device. Because that was taught to be right was indeed, wrong.

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    @Tallest Skil

    “In… your world, perhaps. Not in reality, and not in a fully common sense-based world (have to differentiate those…).

    If you’ve no further legitimate argument, I think we’ve run our course here. It’s clear that you can give no actual rebuttal as to why removing hardware buttons is a terrible idea, nor even why removing the bezel is a terrible idea.”

    I have an idea. Apple should make a “very” large phone (say, with a display over 5 inches), a smaller phone (say around 4.5 inches to 5 inches), even a smaller phone (around 4 inches), offer phones with LTE, NFC, Flash, removable battery, microSD slots, ability to download apps outside of the app store, etc.. Options for everyone! So, those who want a large phone and get their large phone, those who want a smaller phone, can get a smaller phone, those who want microSD slot gets theirs, those who want software buttons can get theirs. something to please everyone. Apple should do that! Then everybody will be pleased!

    Oh wait! Samsung has already been doing that! And they’ve sold twice the amount of smartphones than Apple! Nobody want’s a phone over 5 inches? (over 10 million sold within 9 months). How about a 4.8 inch display, with microSD, removable battery, etc..? (how about 9 million pre-orders? more than double of that of the 4S, also making it the fastest selling electronic device to date. Oh, and another 10 million sold (literally) within the first month, even after reduced stock because of ability to make that phone).

    Maybe. Maybe if apple just made that larger phone, with thinner bezels, software buttons, etc.. It would sell and help apple sell more phones!

  • assyrianpride

    We already know this

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    Cheapest smartphone to produce + Most expensive smartphone = Largest profit margins out there.
    Rating system: When you only make “high end”, your ratings will (naturally) be higher than someone who makes from “low end” to “high end”. Looking at individual ratings is a far more accurate, since overall ratings can give false impressions about X or Y device(s). Samsung Galaxy S II is selling better than the iPhone 4, 3GS and has been for several quarters, if not ever since it came out. Samsung Galaxy S II is behind the iPhone 4S on all carriers that have both, and is the #1 selling phone on T-mobile. (Since there is no Galaxy S II on Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus take’s it place). But if telling lies, makes sleeping better, well it only will work until the lie is busted.

  • The_Truth_Hurts


    Cheapest smartphone to produce in it’s “class”. iPhone 4S is cheaper to make than the Lumia 900, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III, etc. Tear downs prove this over and over. The iPhone is (in some cases) far cheaper to produce than the Android/Windows Phones they compete against.
    iPhone is the most expensive, even in bulk buys by the carriers, they are spending $100’s more per phone than to the equivalent Android/Windows Phone.
    Oh, the “tear downs” are when the phone comes out, so week after week, the price to make the Phone drops and drops.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus: $350 to buy. Costs more to make than the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S? $650? That’s over $300 in pure profit Samsung isn’t getting for their Nexus. Wonder why they are dominating the industry? Their phones are (literally) pure profit.

    “Look at any chart made in the past few years. They all read “iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, [third party], [third party]”.”
    Let’s see:
    Galaxy S II in #2 position at least since December (2011) on At&t. (Galaxy Note slots into #3 position in March)
    Galaxy Nexus in #2 position December & January. #3 position for same time, RAZR. And they flop positions for the next two months.
    Galaxy S II in #2 position at least since December (2011) on Sprint.
    Galaxy S II in #1 position at least since December (2011) on T-mobile.

    What is that? iPhone 4 dropped on at&t, 3GS didn’t even make the top 3 list. iPhone 4 never showed up in the top 3 list on Verizon. Sprint, the 4 stayed a solid #3 position.

    But I guess all the fandroids are buying these Samsung phones by the pallets and sticking them in warehouses to make it appear that Samsung is doing so well.
    (I should mention that these Samsung phones, stayed $200/$300 pretty much the whole time until the new ones coming out. Right on price (on contract) with the iPhones.

    Lets see how these summer months are with smartphone sales, shall we…?