11 Bit Studios Announces Three New iOS, Mac Games At Gamescom


Anomaly Korea

11 Bit Studios has had some success with Anomaly Warzone Earth, a real-time “tower offense” game that was originally released on Mac in April of 2011, then iOS in August of that same year. The company also released the game as an Xbox Live Arcade title the following April, and has a version of the title coming to the PlayStation Network soon.

This year at Gamescom, the big European video gaming conference, 11 Bit Studios announced a sequel, called Anomaly Warzone, and two new games, all coming to Mac and iOS as well as PC and Android, in the coming months.

Funky Smugglers will have you pulling illegal items from XRay scans of a bunch of 70s style groovy thugs and criminals trying to sneak stuff through to the airport. 11 Bit plans to bring this one to both iOS and Mac, and, according to Joystiq, is looking at a Freemium business model to sustain it.

Sleepwalker’s Journey, another Mac and iOS game release, will be a puzzle-platform game with beautiful, dreamy art. You’ll guide a sleepwalking boy through three distinct worlds, offering up 45 levels of platforming fun, with a rewinding time mechanic honoring indie-hit Braid.

The one that looks most like a higher end console game here is Anamoly Korea, the sequel to the first game in the franchise. It is targeted at the iOS and Android mobile platforms, and should see the light of an iPad or iPhone near you sometime in October or November. If the trailer and screenshots are anything to go by, this game should rock something fierce.

Source: 11 Bit Studios
Via: Joystiq