This Beautiful iPhone Wallpaper Will Rekindle Your Appreciation For The Geometric Beauty Of iOS



I generally don’t favor Apple-themed wallpapers on my Macs or iOS devices, but I just had to make an exception for these meticulously designed, beautifully rendered schematic wallpapers for the iPhone by Ethan Allen Smith. If anything could give you an appreciation of the majestic geometry and elegant ratios that define every visual aspect of iOS, right down to the badges on every icon or where the pips at the bottom of every homescreen are placed, a couple days with these wallpapers will have you thinking hard about them: in iOS, every little line means something.

Smith has provided two wallpapers: one for the standard homescreen and one for the iOS lockscreen. The lockscreen one is nice, but it’s the homescreen wallpaper that really shines.

Magnificent. I hope these get updated for the longer homescreen of the iPhone 5. You can download them at the link below.

Source: IMGUR
Via: Reddit