iOS 6 Maps App Offers Roadwork Alerts To Help You Avoid Traffic Jams


Isn't that helpful!
Isn't that helpful!

Here’s a handy feature in Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6: When you’re traveling and you get near to roadworks, or there are roadworks ahead of you, Maps will throw up a new roadworks icon to alert you to them. What’s makes this feature really awesome is that you can then tap on that icon to find out more about the construction, including its start and description.

It’s a relatively minor feature that’s likely to become super useful. You’ll no longer have to endure traffic jams on your route home from work because of construction; you can simply avoid it.

It’s unclear whether the feature is exclusive to the United States, or whether it’s supported in other territories, too. If you stumble upon it in your country, let us know by emailing

Source: App Advice

  • metalhaze

    Duh. Apple said its using the crowd sourcing data from Waze. Just look at the app Waze if you want to know what is going to be in Apple Maps.

  • ddevito

    google maps is better

  • marioyohanes

    I’d spent more than 3 vacations with iOS 6 Maps, and you know what, it’s USELESS! Bring me back those transit directions and comprehensive POI and Street View!
    I don’t need fancy whatever flyover view, 3D and crowd sourcing traffic that simply never works! I just want simple, fast, comprehensive POI, transit directions and offline maps if possible! This is why I always bring my Lumia for traveling, it worked out very well! And yeah, long before Google and Apple thinking about that, Nokia Maps has been around with offline maps, and localized POI!