Save Space And Delete All Your iPhone Photos At Once [iOS Tips]


iPhone Camera Delete

Photos take up a lot of space on our iOS devices. It’s important to many of us with the lower end iPhones to leave enough room on the device to capture new photos, let alone apps and music and books.

With the advent of Photostream, it’s easy to have the photos we take on our iPhone show up on our Macs or iPads, so deleting them from the iPhone makes a lot of sense and is much less of a scary proposition. Here’s how.

First of all, be sure to back up all your pictures to your Mac, either via Photostream or iPhoto. Once you’re sure you have them safely ensconced, plug your iPhone into your Mac, and then quit iPhoto, if it’s set to auto launch.

Launch Image Capture from your Applications folder. Image Capture is a much faster in regards to load times, and really makes this process simple. Hit Command-A on your keyboard, or choose Select All from the Edit menu in Image Capture.

Once they’re all selected, click on the red slash button to delete them all. Image Capture will ask you again, with the “are you sure you want to delete all these photos permanently” dialog box. If you’re sure you have a backup, hit the Delete button.

Wait. A long time, if you have a lot of photos. It’s just the nature of the beast. In addition, you won’t be able to cancel this process, so it bears repeating: make sure you have a backup of all your photos!

Once it’s done, you’ll see Image Capture on your Mac’s screen, pristine and photo-less. Congrats, you’ve deleted all your photos from your iPhone. We really hope you had a backup.

Via: OS X Daily

  • buffta

    Here’s a quicker and easier way to do it. On your iPhone go to settings > general > usage >* Under storage you will see a list of your apps* > press “photos & camera” > *you’ll see your albums* > swipe your finger across camera roll or any other albums, a delete button will appear. Press delete to remove all the photos in the album.

  • mr_bee

    Why on Earth would anyone have over a thousand pictures on their device?

  • Jonathan Ober

    Why on Earth would anyone have over a thousand pictures on their device?

    My wife and I share photos from our phones, so if she is out she can just tell me to check out the latest photos of our girls instead of texting each one to me or waiting until she gets home. These photos ad up. Also if you are using photo stream they are there from mac iphone and ipad…it adds up fast.

  • kaisajoan

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