AT&T Has Cleared Schedules To Launch The New iPhone In Late September


Apple's next iPhone will be huge.
Apple's next iPhone will be huge.


Rumors have been circulating recently that Apple will announce the new iPhone in mid-September, with the official launch set a few weeks after. A new report has given more weight to the rumors with claims that AT&T has cleared their calendars to prepare for the iPhone 5 launch during the third or fourth week in September.

A source from inside AT&T has told BGR that AT&T has rescheduled their regional employees training event from the first week of October due to a conflict with a “huge announcement.” AT&T is enacting an “all-hands-on-deck” policy for the third and fourth weeks of September to make sure enough retail staff will be on hand for the iPhone’s launch.

The policy is expected to extend through the middle of October. AT&T and Apple retail staff usually blackout the first few weeks of an iPhone launch to keep employees from requesting vacation during the launch. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone at a keynote on September 12th.


Source: BGR