The Chinese Teen Who Sold His Kidney For An iPad Might Soon See Justice



Remember that Chinesee teen last year who sold his kidney for an iPad 2? He wasn’t the only one: earlier this year, another Chinese teen named Wang swapped his kidney for an iPhone and iPad. Now the butchers who operated on him are in court, awaiting their verdicts.

The Chinese student, known as Wang, made news earlier this year for selling a kidney in exchange for roughtly $3,500, which he was going to use to buy an iPhone and iPad. He ended up getting more than he bargained for, though, including kidney failure and a series of health complications.

A number of individuals are now on trial in China, including the surgeon that performed the operation, a contractor at the urology department of the hospital where the operation was performed, a surgical assistant, an anesthesiologist, a penniless man who masterminded the scheme to pay for his gambling debts, and two others.

Wang’s attorney wants compensation of 2.27 million yuan, which is nearly $357,000. In addition, the defendents are facing 10 years in jail apiece. According to CNN, it’s probable they will go to jail: 99.9% of all people who stood trial in China in 2010 were found guilty.

Source: CNN
Via: App Advice
Image: iPhoneSavior