Two Easy Ways To Access Notification Center [OS X Tips]


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The new Notification Center in OS X Lion is pretty cool, you gotta admit. It really integrates the notifications from your iPhone, iPad, and various Macs you might use during the day into one place.

While on a Mac, whether desktop or laptop, you can click on the Notification icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, causing the whole display to shift to the left, and the dark linen background of Notification Center shows up on the right. There isn’t a keyboard shortcut to make this happen, but we’ve got two different ways you can activate it, even still.

The first way is to use a trackpad, either on your Macbook or with a MAgic Trackpad. Simply swipe two fingers from the right edge to the left edge of the trackpad and Notification Center will show up.

If you don’t have a trackpad – you’re using a mouse, or find the Magic Trackpad edge-to-edge kind of difficult, you can assign a Hot Corner to activate your notification display.

Open System Preferences from the Dock, Apple Menu, or Applications folder, and click on the Mission Control preference pane. Then click on the Hot Corners… button in the lower left. Choose a corner from the drop down window (I chose lower right), then click OK.

Now, whenever you park your mouse in that corner, Notification Center will show up. Pretty snazzy, right? Click somewhere out of Notification Center to make it close up.

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Via: Macworld Hints

  • MacHead84

    I thought there was a status bar icon as well….could be wrong as I dont have a beta but thought I remembered seeing one that looked like 3 stacked lines

  • MacHead84

    I thought there was a status bar icon as well….could be wrong as I dont have a beta but thought I remembered seeing one that looked like 3 stacked lines

    …..I mean Menu Bar….brain is stuck on iPhone world. And its not even in beta anymore just havent had a chance to purchase it yet…come on brain wake up!

  • dcj001

    Of course you can activate the Notification Center with a keyboard shottcut.

  • John Howell

    I used to do hot corners, but top right is often annoying once you try to go for the full-screen button, as any overshoot ends up triggering the hot corner action. Very annoying, especially for the kids when using my machine, as they are very prone to mouse overshoots when moving the pointer.
    I have a Mac Mini, with an Apple touch mouse. What really supprised me was how poorly OS X supports this by default.
    Now changed to the following:
    Install BetterTouchTool (free utility) to add more custom features and swipe gestures.
    Then add a keyboard shortcut (F1) for LaunchPad, and (F2) for Notifications.
    Then in BTT
    Three finger swipe up – Expose (like task switch on ipad iOS)
    Tap above Apple Icon – Launch Pad (using the defined F1 keyboard shortcut as there is no default way to launch this otherwise)
    Three finger swipe down – Notification Centre (using the F2 shortcut)
    I’ve also set three finger swipes left and right to change spaces, as a suppliment to the now default two finger swipes, I’m not sure when these got added as I’m sure they wern’t in snow leopard.

    I’m also going to add an action for go full screen, but I need to find someing that is easy to remember and not too easy to accidentally trigger. I might use 4-finger double-tap or something 8)