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Restore Apple’s RSS Visualizer Screensaver To Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


See how we are?
See how we are?

I really liked the RSS Visualizer screensaver from OS X Lion and earlier, but for some reason, Apple’s taken it out of the install of OS X Mountain Lion. Luckily for all of us who enjoy watching an RSS feed swirl around the screen in a fun 3D style, there’s hope. The screensaver file works just fine in Mountain Lion – you just need to grab it from an earlier OS X install, like OS X Lion, and move it to your current machine. Here’s how.

You’ll need a copy of the actual screensaver file, so head to a Mac with an earlier OS X on it, or grab a backup of a Mac with an earlier OS X on it, and then go to the System Folder, then the Library folder, and then open the Screen Savers folder. You should see a file called RSS Visualizer.qtz. Copy this file to your OS X Mountain Lion Mac in whatever way makes best sense to you.

Next, on the Mountain Lion Mac, open your Home folder, then the Library folder, then the Screen Saver folder. Put the RSS Visualizer.qtz file there. CLose all the folders. Launch System Preferences and click on the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane. Choose Screen Saver from the top two buttons, and you’ll now see RSS Visualizer as an option.

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Source: OS X Daily