Apple Preparing To Seed OS X 10.8.1 Builds To Devs



Just a blurb: according to Macrumors, Apple is starting to get ready to seed builds of OS X 10.8.1 to developers. That means it won’t be long until we have it in our hands.

Fingers crossed that 10.8.1 addresses Mountain Lion’s bizarre way of handling “Save As…” functionality as well as the massive battery life hits many users are seeing on their Mac laptops. What bugs do you hope Apple squashes in 10.8.1?

Source: Macrumors

  • Steve Smith
  • rickfdez

    It needs to permit users to set the reminder and delay intervals in Notifications. I often need to set an alarm for 3 hours in advance, so I have plenty of time to prepare, and to have the Notification pop out and then endlessly return every 10 minutes when I snooze it is maddening and totally unfriendly for users. We should be able to adjust when we want the notification to return.

  • David Urban

    I hope they fix the contacts when using ML server. If using a home folder on the server the more contacts you have the worse it gets. It wont load the contacts and doesnt reconize the database and eventually the program hangs. the really bad part is it affects all of the programs that want access to the contacts database. mail takes 30-60sec to open and may be useable for 10 min then it beachballs and I have to force quit it.

  • Bryan Bodine

    my fans wont run on my late 2009 iMac with mountain lion, it overheats and freezes within 10 minutes of booting. I have to run smcfancontrol. I have tried to reset the SMC and have reverted to snow leopard and lion for testing and both work fine. As soon as I went back to ML it started freezing again. Works great with smcfancontrol though.

  • Trisjen Harris

    This update is the worst of the 3: Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion.

  • Jonathan Ober

    I keep getting this weird sleep issue when I open up my macbook pro (mid 2010). Wifi drops and won’t connect, hard restart is all that fixes it as everything goes Not Responding even Finder quits on me.