Triathlon Swimmer’s Pants Stolen, Uses Find My iPhone, Retrieves iPhone And Wallet


Install this app, right now, especially if you're planning on leaving your iPhone in your pants on the beach somewhere.
Install this app, right now, especially if you're planning on leaving your iPhone in your pants on the beach somewhere.

Ah, thank Apple for iCloud, Find My iPhone, and open water swimming. Wait, scratch that last bit.

Redditor and triathlon competitor pnine yesterday was out for a training swim in the ocean. He left his pants on the shore when diving into the water in his wetsuit, his keys in his shoes, his wallet and iPhone in his pants.

A bit of the way out, he had a premonition that some of his stuff had been taken. Upon returning to shore, he found out that his hunch was right. His keys, shoes, and towel were still there, but no pants. Which, of course, meant no wallet and no iPhone.

Instead of panicking like many of us would, he remembered he had his laptop and a handy mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in his car. No word on whether the laptop was a Mac or not, but that’s how we’re envisioning it.

So, the victim logged into iCloud on his laptop, and found that his iPhone, courtesy of the handy dandy GPS and Find My Phone app installed, was currently on its way down the street. He drove toward the signal, and saw the alleged perpetrator, wearing the stolen pants, boxer underwear in hand.

Confronting the thief, pnine began to yell. The thief denied having stolen anything, even when confronted with the very obvious fact that those were pnine’s underwear in hand. Asking a passing cyclist to call 911, pnine managed to convince the crook to toss the phone and wallet into the side window of pnine’s car, and the thief walked on, pants still firmly on.

A police report was made, pnine got his wallet and iPhone back, but not his pants, and he posted on Reddit to make sure that we all installed Find My iPhone on our iPhones.

Source: Reddit

  • ssawyer

    This is just going to confuse people: it’s not the Find My iPhone *app* that matter here, but having “Find My iPhone” turned on in iCloud settings on the phone. You don’t need to install it — just turn it on.

    The app only lets you locate other iDevices from the phone; it doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you can find the phone itself.

  • David Gilliver

    I was teaching a photography class last year when someone stole some gadgets from two of my students. We used the ‘find my iphone’ app to track the stolen ipad and we arrested the guy a short time after. He was then handed over to police when they turned up. There are photos and details here:

  • technochick

    if you have a car nearby why would you leave your wallet and iphone in your pants. leave them in your car. if you want to have a phone that close for emergencies get a burner.