Apple Adds ‘Bluetooth Sharing’ Feature To iOS 6 Beta 4



Along with the removal of YouTube as a default app, one of the new features of iOS 6 beta 4 is the ability to share data via Bluetooth. It’s not exactly clear what kind of purpose Bluetooth Sharing will serve.

It might be linked to the iPod Nano as a watch where users will be able to view text messages, weather, answer calls, and more by tapping on their iPod Nano when the latest version is released.

After the Pebble watch received an overwhelming response from consumers, and the fact that the iPod Nano has become a popular watch, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple make the iPhone and iPod Nano more compatible as complimentary devices.

iOS 6 beta 4 users can find the new “Bluetooth Sharing” feature inside the Settings app by going to the “Privacy” section and see the list of apps that have requested the ability to share data via Bluetooth. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone on September 12th, so we expect to learn more about the feature at that date.

Source: iLounge