NASA Used A Lot Of MacBooks To Get The Curiosity Rover To Mars


NASA's heroes in the Mission Control room working from their Macs

Did you hear that we touched down on Mars? Again. Late last night NASA’s rover Curiosity successfully carried out a very challenging landing on Mars so that it can explore the red planet and send data back to Earth.

How’d it get there? First there was a bunch of rocket science stuff that we don’t really understand, but the landing sequence was guided and watched by a bunch of NASA brainiacs on their MacBooks Pros. Who says hipsters are the only ones that use a Mac?

Here’s another picture of the NASA MacBook setup:

Source: Reddit

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5 responses to “NASA Used A Lot Of MacBooks To Get The Curiosity Rover To Mars”

  1. Joel Alvim says:

    Probably running Parallels or Bootcamp ;)

  2. marsk says:

    Looks like NASA run the whole landing operation inside a Apple store genius bar :)

  3. assyrianpride says:

    lol those are old ones. well theres an example of apple quality!

  4. carloborja says:

    Well, I could spot one badass guy on a Windows PC.

  5. NewJohnny says:

    I was surprised to see so many macs but if you watch closely, you can see a lot are thin terminals connecting to a Citrix server. It seems they bought them for the classy hardware.

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