Newest Tweetbot For Mac Kills Tweetdeck With Multiple Columns And More


Now that's a Twitter client.
Now that's a Twitter client.

The Tweetbot for Mac Alpha just got its coolest update yet. A version released today brings multiple columns for different timelines that can float freely or attach to each other and form a Twitter command center of awesomeness. The update packs other features too, like a menu bar interface, geotagged tweets, and Notification Center integration with multiple Twitter accounts at once.

Managing multiple windows in the new Tweetbot for Mac is simple and elegant. Click the little gear icon at the bottom right and open whatever you’re viewing as a new window. Mentions, favorites, DMs, lists etc. will all be displayed in separate windows on your desktop. Here comes the coolest part: click and drag windows onto each other and they will snap together!

Another new feature that borrows from Tweetdeck and Hootsuite is the ability to view multiple Twitter accounts next to each other in different windows. That means you could have mentions from one account coming in next to another account’s main timeline.

Windows can be made a little thinner, and tweets can be sent from a shortcut in the menu bar icon that glows when you have new alerts. Notifications from all accounts you have open will now be routed through Notification Center in Mountain Lion. Personal hosting services can now be used for tweeting out links and media. The whole update has a lot of nice touches, so be sure to check it out.

Check for updates in the current Tweetbot for Mac to get version 0.6.3, or download the app for free from the Tapbots website.

Via: The Next Web