Samsung Argues Leaked Documents In Apple Case Are Public Domain, Admits To No Wrongdoing


Could this be a result of patent infringement?
Could this be a result of patent infringement?

In the latest filing in the Apple vs Samsung patent case, the Korean-based electronics company argued that the documents they leaked after US District Judge Lucy Koh excluded as trial evidence were public domain, anyway, and that Samsung had done nothing wrong or unethical.

“Contrary to the representations Apple’s counsel made to this Court,” said Samsung lawyer John B. Quinn in a filing this morning, “Samsung did not issue a general press release and more importantly, did not violate any Court Order or any legal or ethical standards.”

“These false representations by Apple’s counsel publicly and unfairly called my personal reputation into question” he added, “and have resulted in media reports likewise falsely impugning me personally.”

Samsung submitted two slides of images of Samsung phone design, and an excerpt from former Apple designer Shin Nishibori for considreation by the jury in the court proceedings. These were excluded by Judge Koh yesterday. Samsung then sent these documents to website AllThingsD, prompting a “livid” response from Judge Koh, though no real sanction.

The filing this morning seems like so much excusing bad behavior, and while it may not be illegal or unethical, Samsung’s behavior certainly smacks of shady tactics, usually a sign of a shaky foundation to begin with. Let’s hope things continue much more peaceably on Friday, when Apple Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, takes the stand to continue his testimony from yesterday.

Source: CNET
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  • markrlangston

    As the article states, even if releasing the documents isn’t illegal or unethical it doesn’t help that the judge was “livid” about what they did.

    What it does suggest is that Samsung is attempting to win the case in the court of public opinion.

  • zviivz

    Kitchen sink tactics!