New Gorgeous Checkers Game For iPad Blends Analog Gameplay With Digital Charm


Checkers. On your iPad.
Checkers. On your iPad.

If you’ve never been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, then I feel sorry for you. Where I live, Cracker Barrel is where you go for hearty, good ol’ fashioned, country cooking. Breakfast is always especially good.

The only times I ever played checkers growing up was at Cracker Barrel. While you wait for your food, there are boards set up around the restaurant with rocking chairs. There’s something about sitting down with a friend or loved one to just play a simple game of checkers. In the age of Xbox LIVE, Draw Something and Scrabble apps, face-to-face gameplay is sadly becoming a thing of the past.

A new iPad game called Checkers blends traditional board gaming with pixel-perfect digital charm.

Developed by former Apple and Square designer Louis Mantia with his partner Brad Ellis, Checkers is about as simple as it gets. It’s classic checkers with none of that Game Center or OpenFeint fuss. Your iPad becomes a virtual checker board.

Move pieces on the board with your finger, and notice the attention to—a small shadow appears over the board as you move a piece, for example. There’s no computer to play against; you have to play with another human in front of your iPad. (I mean, you could play with yourself, but that just seems awkward.) There are different boards and colors to choose from, and everything looks stellar on the new iPad’s Retina display.

Visit the website on your iPad, slide to download (just because it’s neat), and you’ll be taken to the App Store. Checkers costs $5.

  • Trisjen Harris

    $5 you are crazy!!

  • JustinBiebe1512

    looks UGLY