iPods in Space!



Look closely at the driver’s side window on Space Shuttle Endeavour. What’s that white thing floating around the cabin in zero G?


Look closer…


It looks like an iPod Classic!

It was spotted in this high-res photo of the Endeavour, by eagle-eyed TUAW reader Walker. The Space Shuttle is presently docked with the International Space Station.

According to TUAW, space-bound iPods have to have their lithium batteries replaced with specially certified alkaline ones. And iPods aren;t allowed inside the ISS, since they aren’t certified as safe on the space station.

  • Cleve


    is the original source, though TUAW doesn’t quote sources, unfortunately

  • Bram

    I’m pretty sure that it’s a 4G iPod, not a classic.

  • Aaron

    Are you British? But the space shuttle is an american car. That window for sure is passenger side window in american cars. Anyway good job Holmes …

  • S. Jobs

    I second that.

  • miss_lain

    I saw that low gravity iPod picture quite some time ago. I’m sure it’s tucked away on a hard drive somewhere in my vast collection of computer parts. Cool to see it again.

  • william

    I think it runs the space shuttle. LOL.
    Great find!

  • Dan

    Cool. I didn’t realize that they switched out the lithium batteries to take it up there, but that makes sense. You learn something new every day!

  • SpaceFan

    This news was first posted last week (before TUAW) on NASA Watch and SpaceRef at http://www.nasawatch.com/archi