Apple Releases Safari 6 For OS X Lion


A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.
A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.

If you’ve decided to wait for OS X Mountain Lion until all of your apps are compatible, don’t think Apple has forgotten all about you already. The Cupertino company has just released Safari 6 for OS X Lion, which introduces a number of new features, including the smart search field, an offline Reading List, and more.

Safari 6 comes bundled with Mountain Lion, but if you’re not upgrading, you can download it via Software Update. And it’s certainly worth the update if Safari is your primary browser. Here are the new features it brings:

  • Smart Search Field. Safari now has one field for typing both searches and web addresses.
  • Offline Reading List. Safari saves entire webpages in your Reading List so you can catch up on your reading even when you don’t have an Internet connection.
  • Do Not Track. Safari can send the websites you visit a request not to track you online.
  • Password pane. Manage your saved website logins with the new Password pane.
  • Baidu. The leading Chinese search engine Baidu is now a built-in option for Chinese users.

Safari 6 also “includes improvements to stability, compatibility, usability and security.”

Apple promises that the swipe to navigate feature now works with PDFs, and that issues affecting full screen video in webpages that have positioned content have now been fixed. Safari 6 also restores the state of Reading List when launched, and restores a user’s previous cookies after leaving Private Browsing mode.

Source: Apple

  • Ahmed Al-Hamadi

    Stability? oh please! I’ve just installed it on my 2008 Macbook and it’s EXTREMELY sluggish. Keep getting the rainbow & the cursor keeps freezing every 5 seconds. I have 4 GB of ram and a momentous XT hybrid Hard disk on my machine so I doubt it’s the problem.

  • John Owen

    WHY on earth would Apple take out the RSS reader in Safari 6????????????

  • Jonathan Ober

    so Safari’s cloud icon has no point until ios6 right? It’s just sitting there empty despite my devices having tabs open in Safari.

  • media_lush

    Anybody thinking of updating to Safari 6 – hold off; it’s a whole bunch of fail.

    This is a copy of what I sent to Safari Feedback:

    Here are some relevant quotes (written by me) from posts related to the subject.

    “I swear this update of Safari has to be the worst one ever!!!!

    *** were they thinking by getting rid of favicons….when you look at a web-page with loads of tabs open on a 27″ imac it’s impossible to differentiate which tab is which without pressing your nose against the screen…. who’s bright idea at Apple’s was that…. some hipster dude who thinks ‘grey’ looks cool? I can imagine the problem might be worse on a Retina laptop. Also the difference in grey variance between an active tab and the others is practicaly non-existent so, yet again, you have to squint to see which one is open.”

    “I have to say that Safari 6 is useless at handling multiple tabs…. it just grinds to a standstill! What I would do in the older version was that when things started to slow down (I had 3 windows with about 25 tabs open in each.) I would just force quit ‘Safari Web Content’ from the Activity Monitor (it would be around 1.8GB at the most) and whilst the windows and Safari would stay open all the tabs stopped loading/refreshing and any subsequent tab I went to would load really fast and scrolling would be smooth again.

    With Safari 6 if I just opened one of my pages with tabs the Safari Web Content would hit 2GB really quickly and scrolling would practically stop working. A second window would take it to 2.7GB and Safari would grind to halt everywhere….. this time if I force quit ‘Safari Web Content’ all the windows would close and when I reopened they would all open in tabs again but ony the first few tabs would work okay before everything grinds to a halt again.”

    “Also some other have mentioned scrolling seems to just stop working on some pages with huge bits of white space…. I can confirm the same for me.”

    I’ve been using macs since the Classic and have been a champion of them for decades. Lately I have been extremely disappointed with what you’ve done to probably the most important single piece of software anyone uses…. the browser. This update of Safari has to be the worst one ever, even worse than the last one which had numerous bugs from day one.

    I cannot understand how the richest tech company in the world has managed to introduce such rubbish updates twice in a row…. don’t the beta testers test it on more than 2 open tabs? And whoever decided getting rid of Favicons was a good idea should be removed from all future design decisions…. I mean think about it, how on earth does that make Safari better?

    I know this is quite strongly worded but as a user who’s probably spent the best part of 6 figures on macs over the years I feel I have the right.

    I’m sure the favicon fix is pretty easy and think it would be great if you could put that out straight away rather than waiting for the slowness problem fix, too which I’m guessing would take considerably longer.

    On a slight note [which doesn’t bode that well] your Safari feedback page hasn’t even updated it’s “Which operating system are you running?” button to include OS 10.8 so I’ve put the latest version 10.7.x…. but this Safari 6 was on 10.8.