MineKart 64 Promises Minecraft Meets Mario Kart, But It’s A Complete Scam


Don't be fooled into purchasing this scam.
Don't be fooled into purchasing this scam.
  • Jonathan Ober

    I am waiting for Nintendo to sue because of the use of their obvious title, Bowser likeness etc in the screen shots never mind the game not being the one in the screen shots…

  • LaurencePitt

    I thought that Apple policed this stuff? This app is a scam, but look at every other app by Golden Games – they are ALL scams. Average star rating is <1. Come on Apple...

  • Neztech

    I find this quite funny, actually hilarious, as I happen to be the the person behind the Neztech alias on Minecraft Planet where the Minecraft map was originally released purely for fun and absolutely for free. I haven’t been in touch with the game at all recently, actually stopped playing more than a year ago, but I find it fascinating to come back and find this.

    I myself never intended for this to happen, it does seem a shame that somebody would use something myself and a few friends made for fun, and to share for free, as a point to make business. who knows how many have been hit by this scam? and the actual app doesn’t even look like the Minecraft map which makes it even worse!

    All I can say is thank you for this short but sweet review and outline of the app store scam, if there was anything I could do to warn people I would! but purely for the fact you made time to do a write up, i feel the need to reply and say thanks again.