OKSU Printer Uses NFC To Link Your Digital And Physical Worlds




The OKSU printer is kind of like a real life Pinterest concept, only cooler, and not just for girls. Found some  Prada shoes you like but can’t afford? Print their picture out on the OKSU, pin them to your wall or something so you can drool over them everyday, and then when you finally got enough cash to buy them, you just drop the picture on top of the OKSU printer and the website pops up on your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone automatically. It’s magic, ta-da!

Ok, it’s not really magic, it’s just NFC used in a neat way, but it’s something that we really want to try. The OKSU printer is a concept created by Alex Zhulin, that combines Z-INK paper photos with an NFC chip to create physical links to digital content. Users could print off pictures of their favorite news articles, or Facebook pictures, or even link to a song for your iPhone 5 to play.

The OKSU is still in the concept phase right now, so there’s no word yet on pricing or when it would be available, but hopefully it will turn into a real-world product because my walls need to get smothered with pictures of cute NFC puppies.


Source: OKSU Vimeo
Via: Get Addicted To