Apple Says MacBook Pro With Retina Display Earns EPEAT Gold Rating


Does the new MacBook Pro really earn the EPEAT's favor?
Does the new MacBook Pro really earn the EPEAT's favor?

Apple and the EPEAT have had quite the back and forth over the past week or so. It was discovered that Apple had suddenly withdrew all of its products from the EPEAT’s environmental registry, and Apple’s Bob Mansfield later explained the company’s decision to abandon the EPEAT’s outdated standards. Due to the initial concern and outcry, Apple did something it hardly ever does: backpedaled. Now Apple’s products are certified by the EPEAT again.

Despite the fact that all of Apple’s other MacBooks boast the EPEAT’s highest gold ranking, it was assumed that the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display wouldn’t qualify. After all, Apple’s new creation is the “least repairable” MacBook ever made. And yet, according to Apple’s website, the new MacBook Pro earns a stellar gold ranking as well.

The MacBook Pro’s Retina Display is basically impossible to take apart, and the laptop’s batteries are attached with industrial strength glue. Apple’s standards for repairability don’t necessarily meet EPEAT’s. Did EPEAT change its standards to accommodate Apple?

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition explains:

It’s important to understand that the manufacturers grade themselves against the EPEAT criteria first, and then EPEAT conducts a review of this grading. That EPEAT review has not yet occurred. They can require the manufacturers to remove any product from the registry if it is not found to conform to the IEEE standard.

It will be interesting to see how the Apple and EPEAT tango plays out in the coming weeks. Apple backpedaling in such a way is very uncharacteristic of the company.

Source: Fortune

  • B066Y

    Their backpedaling has caused me to lose a little respect for them, although looking at their competition they still garner the most respect from me.

  • R3P1N5

    I wish people would stop referencing iFixit as their only source for “Least repairable laptop”. iFixit are not the be-all and end-all of computer disassembly, and for a company using the iBlank pattern for their name, they sure show a lot of hate toward apple’s products.

    The things that they complained about were a little strange anyway; soldered-on-ram: done to keep the laptop’s form-factor smaller. Irreplaceable SSD: OWC have reportedly been working on a third-party replacement. LCD bonded to the glass: the same as any modern smartphone, and having worked with phone technicians I can say that their technique of display disassembly was amateur at best.

    Repair-wise this laptop is actually quite beautiful. The motherboard is easily removable, the fans can both be accessed without removing other components, the connection ports on the left are on small daughter boards for easy replacement (port failure being another common issue on any laptop), the SSD is easily accessible. The heat piping is even accessible and thermal paste can be re-applied within 10min. Show me any other laptop that you can do that on, please.

    Their only valid (in my opinion) complaint is the battery. Gluing a battery to the case makes sense, but only if you never plan on replacing it. Speaking of which, my brother’s 4-year-old macbook pro’s battery is still holding 80% of it’s original charge with over 600 cycles.

    The largest problem for the modern laptop seems to be dust, and looking at it’s internals, I have no fear that I will be able to open it up and blast dust out of there with compressed air. For that reason alone it seems more repairable than most.

    Oh, and they complained about a screwdriver… seriously? Hell, after complaining about that they even tried to sell you a screwdriver to suit at more than double what any sane technician would pay for one.

  • smashingeeks

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