Sparrow For Mac Gets Retina Graphics, Notification Center Support, Goes On Sale


Sparrow looks better than ever in version 1.6.2.
Sparrow looks better than ever in version 1.6.2.

Sparrow, my favorite mail client on both Mac and iOS, just received a new update that will be particularly exciting to those of you with the new MacBook Pro. In addition to support for OS X Mountain Lion and Notification Center, Sparrow 1.6.2 brings high-resolution graphics for the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display. It’s also on sale for just $4.99 until Monday, July 16.

Although Mountain Lion is yet to hit the Mac App Store just yet, Sparrow is already prepared for its release. What’s more, it now takes advantage of the new operating system’s Notification Center to display alerts for new emails in the corner of your screen.

But arguably the most exciting change to Sparrow 1.6.2 is its high-resolution graphics for the new Retina MacBook Pro — a change you’ll certainly notice if you have the new machine.

Furthermore, to celebrate this update, Sparrow has been reduced to just $4.99 — down from $9.99 — until Monday, July 16. So if the app’s been on your shopping list for a while, now is a great time to buy it.

Source: Mac App Store

  • Floris

    I have an interest in trying this out. But I don’t think it’s worth the money they are asking for it. Thinking it is just a gui to gmail, for the desktop. That said, it’s been a year and their development hasn’t been sitting still. It being on sale now means it’s worth the money and worth a try. Thanks CoM for pointing it out.

  • Confusion_Lives

    I can’t believe this app doesn’t support exchange, I think you need to review mail apps based on their overall performance. Judging by all the negative comments in the app store, this gets a solid thumbs down from me.