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Samsung Files 700 Pre-Trial Juror Questions, Apple Files 49


We do not agree. Neither do we.
Ok, guys, let's try to even these up.

Both Samsung and Apple filed pre-trial juror screening questionnaires with the US District Court that is handling the patent dispute originally filed by Apple agains Samsung. Potential jurors will have to answer close to 750 questions unless Judge Koh, the District Judge who has been handling this case, asks for some winnowing of the number of questions. 49 of those questions are from Apple, with the remaining 700 filed by Samsung. That’s six pages to forty pages, respectively.

If Judge Koh sticks to her previous actions of asking for both parties to narrow their focus for the trial, she could indeed ask Samsung to come up with a few less than 700 pre-trial questions.

As reported on Electronista today, perhaps the huge number of questions is an attempt by Samsung to confuse non-savvy jurors, or just another way to delay the proceedings, something Samsung has been hand-slapped for already.

Three of Samsung’s questions, says Electronista, relate to the ownership or use of Apple products, a fairly obvious strategy to omit such users from a jury trial. In another transparent move, Samsung asks, “Do you think many Asian companies steal what others have created and sell products based on copied innovation?” Wow, really?

For its part, Apple asks potential jurors about their impressions from the media coverage generated so far, as well as their views on the US patent system. There is also a question asking if potential jurors have ever had an idea stolen, or been accused of stealing an idea, which fairly illuminates the company’s strategic viewpoint right there, doesn’t it?

Interestingly, none of the questions asked are about technical ability, other than a query on mobile system and device preference.

Judge Koh is scheduled to rule on the fitness of the questionnaires before next week; I hope we get some pithy comment on the length of Samsung’s form, to be honest.

Via: Electronista