Tim Cook Makes Surprise Appearance At Media Conference Looking To Make Deals



According to the New York Times, Tim Cook has been the talk of the town in Idaho, making an appearance at the Allen & Co. Media Conference held annually in Sun Valley. Some have even called him “Mr Popular,” since Apple so rarely attends events such as these.

Cook has also lined up meetings with many executives, and is looking to make deals, apparently.

From the New York Times:

The conference, full of media bigwigs, has also been buzzing about any blueprints Mr. Cook may be hiding in Apple’s magic hat. He has lined up several one-on-one meetings with media executives here, fueling speculation that he is busy cobbling together partnerships for a home entertainment expansion.

Cook also noted that he’s looking forward to his meetings this week, which is only a bigger indication that he’s planning on making some big deals.

What do you think? Is it just a coincidence that Tim Cook happens to be at a media conference? Considering all the speculation around a possible upcoming Apple TV, it seems like Tim may be doing a little more than just visiting the conference.

Source: New York Times Dealbook Via: MacRumors