Play Music Inside iOS App Folders With FoldMusic [Jailbreak]


An interesting take on music playback.
An interesting take on music playback.

Taking an innovative approach to how we experience music on our iOS devices, a new jailbreak tweak called FoldMusic lets you create playlists from the iOS Music app and view them as standalone folders on your iOS Home screen.

I was skeptical of this idea originally, but after playing with the tweak, I can see the appeal. If you have an artist, playlist, or album you want quick access to, it doesn’t get much faster than this.

Once you install FoldMusic in Cydia for $1.50, the tweak is added to your Settings app. You can then add a playlist or album inside Settings, and each addition will be its own app folder. Open the folder to view each track and play the music. The experience is a tad superfluous for my taste, but a page of music folders may very well be an attractive idea to some.


I did notice several bugs in the initial release of FoldMusic. On the iPad, the track list doesn’t fit to the larger display correctly. On the iPhone, the playback and volume buttons in each created folder were blacked out, but that could have been because of the custom iOS theme I had installed. The buttons looked and worked just fine on my themeless iPad. Also, I noticed that the popular FolderEnhancer tweak is not compatible with FoldMusic. You’ll have to uninstall FolderEnhancer to use FoldMusic, and that may be a deal-breaker for some.

Unfortunately, FoldMusic only works with Apple’s Music app, not other players like Spotify or Rdio.

Overall, FoldMusic is an interesting tweak that’s could have been executed better out of the gate. But I have faith that it will improve with future updates.