Gorgeous Sleeve For The New MacBook Pro With Retina Display Is Made With Wool Felt And Quality Leather


Macbook Pro Retina 15'' Sleeve - Originals Collection

Mujjo makes high quality cases and accessories for iOS devices, and the company is announcing the first sleeve for the brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The hand-crafted sleeve is made in The Netherlands, and you can pre-order it now from Mujjo now for €64.95 ($80). Shipments go out on August 28th.

We conducted a brief chat with Mujjo about their new sleeve, and the product looks fantastic.

Muijo already sells similar sleeves for the iPad, MacBook Air and current MacBook Pro unibody design. But the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display’s form factor meant that the sleeve had to be redesigned. “We weren’t planning to design a sleeve for the 15.4″ Pro Retina in the first place,” said Muijo founder Remy Nagelmaeker. “But after we received lot’s of requests from people who claimed they couldn’t find any decent sleeve out there for the 15.4″ Retina we decided to go for it, we decided to run a limited production to help these people out. This makes this Mujjo sleeve pretty unique. In the end, the 15.4″ Retina is a really cool machine, it’s deserves nothing less than to be carried around in a premium sleeve.”

The sleeve is planned to have a limited run for now, but Muijo is open to extending its availability if the demand is there. “We’re going to stick with the limited production run for now,” said Nagelmaeker. “We might come up with a new design in the future if the demand keeps going up.” The brown/black flavor is the only color combo available at launch, but Muijo plans to release new color schemes this fall and winter to match the changing seasons. Each sleeve is made with care, so you know you’re paying for quality work.

“The sleeves are crafted by hand,” said Nagelmaeker. “We’ve teamed up with fashion designer for their expertise. The process of creating the collection is all about trying, making sample after sample. Trying different materials, different techniques until finally the product is up to our standards. We’re always trying to create a product that makes we love use ourselves. Basically, we design according to our personal taste but we don’t neglect the opinion of others, we’re not afraid to show our product to others while still developing, their feedback is worth a lot!”

We’ll have a review of Muijo’s new sleeve in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!