Try The New Found Update For Mac And Be Entered To Win A New MacBook Pro With Retina Display! [Giveaway]


  • Buster

    If you don’t see the text field for the email subscription, you can click the Submit button and it will open up the form in a separate window for you to fill out

  • Erevos

    Fingers crossed, I wanted one of those so much!

  • citadelsix

    Done! Great looking app!

  • Brandon Gregg

    Every toe and finger crossed

  • TKHines

    Nice app! I’m not just saying it to win the MBP (although I’m sure it won’t hurt).

  • dordor2012

    Nice App :) Works extremly faster than spotlight.

  • alexbernard90

    Great looking app, good gmail & google drive integration, easy quick way to sift through my email w/out having to pull open a browser. A 15 inch MacBook Pro to add to my collection would be great as well, just saying.

  • habsfan324

    Entered, thanks :) Found looks awesome, especially now that spotlight is so cluttered. Winning the retina macbook pro would be a dream come true :)

  • dickybell

    Tried it, and it works great. I finally found my freakin’ resume…

  • Germán Villacreces

    I tried it, its a pretty cool app but very limited for what I thought it did. I was hoping this was a worthy competitor for Quicksilver but its not at all. Quicksilver does what this app does and way more (except for integrating cloud services which Im sure its just a matter of creating a plugin for QS :) ) It is really fast I have to agree.

  • buttmuffin

    done!! awesome app!

  • DJRosko82

    Hey Buster-I’m already subscribed to the CoM deals-does that mean I can’t enter??

  • Buster

    Hey Buster-I’m already subscribed to the CoM deals-does that mean I can’t enter??

    of course you can still enter. If you’ve already signed up and downloaded the app during the last giveaway, then you just need to tweet about it

  • David Gallant

    “Contest is open to U.S. residents only”

    But but… I’m Canadian… :-( I will try it out anyway.

  • sergiomiranda

    Great app, not so great to be discriminated in the giveaway for living outside the US (yes, legal issues and what not…)

  • Themetris

    Fingers crossed to the point of joint failure!

  • DesignProphets

    Ok, so I only downloaded the app to enter for a new laptop (I desperately need one for my business), but I LOVE it! I’ve been using it constantly since I installed it. My poor pinky finger is exhausted from double-tapping the “Control” button!!!

  • MikeSharkeyy

    It’s pretty neat, I was surprised! Can anyone tell me how to sign up for the mailing list?

  • bd7349

    Literally praying I win, I need this rMBP! This would be perfect for college in a few months!

  • tdmac

    Hmmm, hot blonde wins mbp/retina….what up wit dat Bust-a-move?