Instagrille App Lets You Check Instagram On Your Windows Computer, And It Actually Looks Really Good


Pretty pixels for your PC.
Pretty pixels for your PC.

Until Instagram made the jump to Android, the photography social network was an iPhone-only affair. With plenty of web apps and even native apps like Carousel on the Mac, you can also use Instagram from your desktop computer. Thanks to a beautiful app called Instagrille, even Windows users can check their Instagram feed in style.

The free Instagrille program allows you to check your feed, make comments, like photos, see your notifications, and even download photos to your hard drive. Not bad.

Developed by SweetLabs, Instagrille looks pretty lightweight. In fact, it’s so well designed that we had to look twice at the “Made for your PC” label. The app is built on Pokki, an Adobe Air-like-but-only-better platform that lets you install HTML5-based apps as regular programs in Windows. Instagrille will sit there in the Windows taskbar and collect notifications in real time.

You can download Instagrille for free on on the app’s website.

Via: Beautiful Pixels