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Fleksy, An Amazingly Smart iPhone Keyboard App For The Blind



Blind? Then you’re most likely reading this post on an iOS device, because no other platform has quite the same great level of accessibility options built-in. But that still doesn’t help you when you want to write (unless using Voiceover to find the individual keys is your thing). But I bring good news! Fleksy is a new app which takes predictive text to a ridiculous new level.

Fleksy works a lot like the built-in iOS keyboard, in that it figures out what you meant to type even if you only get near the intended letters. It’s what makes typing on a tiny touch-screen keyboard not just bearable, but easy.

Fleksy takes this algorithmic guessing even further. Judging by the video, the app is clever enough to know what word you want, even if you hit none of the letters contained therein. All a blind person needs to know is the general layout of a QWERTY keyboard and they’re good to go.

As befits a keyboard designed for non-sighted people, the app is as plain as can be, even lacking divisions between the keys. What it does do, though, is use iOS VoiceOver to read the words aloud as they are completed (I believe you can do this already with the stock keyboard, which could be handy for avoiding embarrassing auto corrects for anyone, sighted or no).

The app should be launching soon, and you can follow the designers on Twitter or just sign up for a mail notification. Hoefully it will be as impressive as the promo promises. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (see what I did there?) (twice!).

Source: Fleksy