iFrogz Timbre Earbuds with Mic: Just A Pretty Face?


(Image courtesy Gadget Lab)
(Image courtesy Gadget Lab)

When we think of wooden music devices, our memories go back to the hulking consoles that created mellow tones. You’d think that today’s release by iFrogz of their wooden EarPollution Timbre earbuds would be just as warm and fuzzy – and if you did, you would be wrong.

The $50 earbuds practically fell apart in the hands of Gadget Labs’ reviewer Charlie Sorrel, who told readers the earbuds produced harsh sounds and music akin to listening to your playlist over the telephone.

Not only did the iFrogz earbuds fail physically, they also made the music “seem to rush along,” Sorrel said. Maybe the earbuds needed to be ‘broken-in’ to best gauge their sound quality?

After also reportedly being disappointed, MacNewsWorld reviewer Chris Maxcer wrote he experienced “definitely better” results after letting the earbuds “run for a few hours” attached to his MacBook. By comparison, the Gadget Labs review product lasted “barely minutes” until the cables leading to the earbuds came loose.

If the wooden components were troublesome, the microphone received glowing comments. “The mic itself worked surprisingly well,” according to Maxcer. Skype calls were “loud and clear,” said Gadget Lab.

The end result: the iFrogz Timbre Earbuds are so-so, but the product’s saviour may be its microphone.

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