App Store Issue Causing Newly-Updated Mac & iOS Apps To Crash


Photo: Apple
Hold onto your Mac and iOS app updates for the time being, because they're likely to break your apps.
  • JoViKe

    I sorted your list, there were 5 duplicates.

    Apple seem to be doing something: I’m getting errors when I try to update apps.

  • Mads Teland

    WorldLens will make you crash on startup and it will affect in Norway.

  • technochick

    Count on Marco to spread a bunch of nonsense. Typical of the guy. He’s basically telling folks that Apple screwed up the files that he sent them, when in fact he has no proof of that. Incomplete downloads could be the issue which means that the files are fine but thanks to overwhelming traffic on the servers there are errors. Not a shock in the US during a major holiday.

    Although that said, I had around a dozen apps with updates over the last couple of days and not a one of them have had any issues with crashing. Perhaps because I was downloading them at 6am when everyone else was sleeping off their hangovers since they didn’t have to go to work yesterday so they got drunk Tuesday night at Happy Hour

  • Garnetstar

    GoodReader has a good explanation and a way not to lose your files: