Bloomberg: Apple Will Launch A Non-Retina 7-Inch iPad In October [Rumor]


Will a 7-inch iPad be Apple's
Will a 7-inch iPad be Apple's "one more thing" this fall?

Adding more fuel to the ‘iPad Mini’ fire, a new report from Bloomberg says that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper 7-inch iPad in October. The device will feature a non-Retina 1024×768 display. In theory, the third-gen iPad would still serve as Apple’s premium tablet with a Retina display and faster internals, and the 7-inch iPad would be priced around $200 to compete with tablets like the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

The new model will have a screen that’s 7 inches to 8 inches diagonally, less than the current 9.7-inch version, said the people, who asked not to be identified because Apple hasn’t made its plans public. The product, which Apple may announce by October, won’t have the high-definition screen featured on the iPad that was released in March, one of the people said.

Bloomberg is a very reliable source for Apple rumors, and another reputable site, iMore, has been banging the 7-inch iPad drum for months. iMore was actually the first to say that the 7-inch iPad was coming in October and that it would be priced between $200-$300. Other publications like DigiTimes and even The Wall Street Journal have also reported on a smaller iPad device. A report from this morning said that the upcoming iPad will sport a 7.85-inch IGZO display from Sharp, and will start at just $249.

Source: Bloomberg

  • sasoon1

    7.85 inch iPad is great size, easier to carry around, and it will probably have same resolution as iPad 2 (1024×768)
    Actual size comparison with iPhone and standard size ipad:

  • James Barnette

    Man I really don’t understand this. This 7″ thing is like and obsession for these guys. How many times are these guys gonna be wrong about this before people stop listening to them?

  • TylerHoj

    I have yet to find a point for the iPad mini. And if there’s no point or purpose, you can guarantee Apple won’t release it, especially not in October! That’s iPod/iPhone month. They won’t revamp 4 products and announce a fifth.

  • technochick

    So Apple is releasing this new unit to compete with the Fire and the Nexus neither of which has actually put a dent in the sales or mindshare of the 10 inch iPad. So why would Apple, who has never cared about following what others are doing simply because they are doing it, release an item to compete with something that isn’t a threat. Especially after their CEO blasted such an item as being less than ideal for the user experience.