Sparrow Updated With Mountain Lion Support, Retina Graphics For New MacBook Pro


Now with Retina.
Now with Retina.

The makers of popular replacement Sparrow have updated the app with Retina graphics for the 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Sparrow 1.6.2 can be downloaded as a free update for existing users.

Developers can also test Sparrow on OS X Mountain Lion, and the app will be ready for prime time when Mountain Lion becomes available to the public later this month.

Besides a few bug fixes, here are the new features:

  • Mountain Lion and Notification Center support
  • Retina Display support
  • Send & Archive in Quick reply
  • Always expand messages option
  • Always show the ‘i’ section
  • fixed close/minimize/zoom button behavior
  • enabling always show info will show info of the opened messages
  • enabling always expand all will expand all messages

Sparrow is available in the Mac App Store for $10. You can download the Sparrow Lite trial for free to try before you buy. The update should be hitting the MAS soon, but it’s already available in the version offered directly from the Sparrow website.

Via: The Verge