Instagram Website Update Adds Likes And Comments


Trust me, this looks better in a proper desktop browser.


Dateline: Instagram website updated to allow comments and likes. The system goes on-line in July 2012. Mobile requirements are removed from the service.

Instagram begins to grow at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, July 29th. In a panic, Facebook tries to pull the plug.

I’m sure Sarah and John Connor won’t be on Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring list any time soon (unless he invents time travel), but a new update to the Instagram website shows slow but sure growth, despite the service now being wholly owned by the Evil Empire.

Now you can not only view photos on the web when clicked through from, say, Twitter, you can like them and comment on them. You can also follow users and delete comments. And the photo previews have grown.

What you still can’t do is browse for pictures (no biggie, as the new iPhone update makes this way better already), nor view the new website on an iDevice (I tried it on the iPad using iCab to spoof a desktop user agent and it looks terrible anyway).

If Instagram hadn’t already been sold, this would be a much bigger deal. As it is, it shows just why Facebook paid like a zillion dollars for it.

Source: Instagram

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  • Shane Bryson

    Facebook’s acquisition of instagram isn’t complete and is currently being blocked by the FCC.