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The iPhone Comes To Virgin Mobile, And Here’s Why You Should Be Its Next Customer


The iPhone just got a lot cheaper thanks to Virgin Mobile.

Following the iPhone’s prepaid debut on Cricket Wireless just a week ago, Apple’s hugely popular smartphone is now available on Virgin Mobile. Like Cricket, Virgin is offering the handset on a prepaid basis, with prices starting at as little as $31 per month on the company’s Beyond Talk plan — which includes unlimited data, and unlimited texts.

Take advantage of the company’s offer and you could save yourself around $800 a year.

At $650, you’ll pay a lot more up-front for your iPhone 4S from Virgin, but in the long run it’s going to save you a small fortune, as we noted back in June. On AT&T, for example, you’ll only pay $199 for the iPhone 4S itself — plus a $36 activation fee — but you’ll then need to stump up $155.99 per month for the next two years to get a decent plan with 3GB of data.

By the time your contract ends, you’ll have paid AT&T a total of $2,395.75.

Take the iPhone 4S on Virgin, however, and you’ll pay just $1,609.99 over 24 months — with tethering. That’s because although you pay more for the iPhone up-front, there’s no activation fee, and you’ll only pay $31 per month for your calls, texts, and data; and $15 per month for your tethering.

Furthermore, Virgin will give you all the data you can eat, while AT&T gives you a paltry 3GB limit.

You can see how Virgin’s prices stack up to those from Verizon, Sprint, and Cricket using our handy chart:

AT&T Verizon Sprint Cricket Virgin
Minutes $39.99 (450) $39.99 (450) $69.99 (Unlimited) $55.00 (Unlimited) $40 (1200)
Texting $20 $20 $0 $0 $0
Data $30 (3GB) $30 (2GB) $10 (Unlimited) $0 (Unlimited) $0 (Unlimited)
Activation $36 $35 $0 $0 $0
iPhone 4S (16GB) $199.99 $199.99 $199.99 $499.99 $649.99
2-Year Total $2395.79 $2394.79 $2119.75 $1819.99 $1609.99

It goes without saying, then, that Virgin should be the first stop for your new iPhone.

Source: RazorianFly

Image: RazorianFly