DancePad is Like Dance Dance Revolution on Your iPad [Daily Freebie]



Ever wondered if aluminosilicate glass surface of your iPad would make a great dance floor? Now you can find out.

Moonshark, a Los Angeles-based startup housed within the Creative Artists Agency — the same agency who helped nurture mammoth-hit site Funny or Die, has just released their first app, DancePad. The app plays funky, beat-laden tracks while giving you targets to hit, stomp and slide with your fingers over flashy dance floors. If you’ve ever played the ballroom mini-game on the iPad version of Sid Meier’s Pirates, you’ll be in familiar territory.

The music may not be from the most widely played artists out there — most high school kids probably won’t know who The Bangerz and Shu-Sho are — but its good stuff and fits perfectly.

This is only the first shot from the startup; in the next few weeks Moonshark will be releasing an app they created in collaboration with Internet celeb Philip DeFranco. Stay tuned; in the meantime, buy some leg warmers for your fingers.