Call of Duty: Black Ops Coming to the Mac App Store, Existing CoD Titles Half-off



For those of you on the verge of being disowned/dumped/fired by parents/girlfriends/bosses who’re tired of your broomstick-toting shenanigans as you jump out from behind a door and yell “TANGO DOWN!” in a misguided attempt to recreate Call of Duty: Black Ops — just tell them you’ll put the broom down this fall.

Aspyr says they’re bringing the highly rated first-person title to the Mac App Store this fall. No word on pricing or exact date yet.

In the meantime, existing CoD Mac titles (like CoD 4: Modern Warfare) are half-off everywhere you can get ’em; not a bad deal, considering CoD 4 is one of the most expensive games at the App Store. If you do pop for it, the Aspyr team will let you take potshots at them during their Community Multiplayer Event on July 6. Show the love.

  • snarfblat

    I wonder if it will support multi-screen systems? Asypr updated Civ V and it will no longer run on an external display, so you’re stuck running it on your MacBook’s built-in display. Kinda sucks when you have a 27″ Thunderbolt display. I’ve written to them and pleaded for a fix but they refuse. So screw ’em. I won’t be buying any of their games anymore.