These Are All The Shirts Apple Sells At The Company Store In Cupertino [Gallery]



If you’ve ever thought it would be a whole lot of fun to visit Apple’s Cupertino campus, let us assure you that there’s really not all the much you can do there. Sure, you can walk around Infinite Loop like a creepy stalker hoping to spot Jony Ive or Tim Cook, but you probably won’t. The one thing you can do, though, is visit The Company Store on campus and buy a t-shirt or other souvenirs.

Apple makes great phones and computers, but their apparel line leaves a bit to be desired. Here are all the shirts that you can buy from The Company Store when you visit Apple’s campus.








If you don’t want any verbiage on your shirt, you can go with some of the simpler designs that just have an Apple logo on a plain background.






We believe this is a t-shirt for women, though some hipster men might fall in with the Deep-V for their own wardrobe.



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20 responses to “These Are All The Shirts Apple Sells At The Company Store In Cupertino [Gallery]”

  1. theobserving says:

    there seems to be some missing, unless they recently discontinued a couple of them. i have one, for instance, that says “Created by Apple in California” with an apple logo on the back just below the neck.

  2. alider says:

    There is one popular one missing: “idiscriminate”

  3. djrobsd says:

    WOW. They couldn’t invest in an iron?

  4. darmartic says:

    Are these available for international orders?

  5. likethepear says:

    Ever heard of a steamer?

  6. gfxchick says:

    an iRon?

  7. oldsweng says:

    Any in sizes larger than 2x? Probably not.

  8. sundaytrucker says:

    It’s Jony Ive. Just a polite note. Oh and those t-shirts are terrible, go plain people.

  9. ZeusCarver says:

    They’ve discontinued a lot of things like the awesome watches they used to have.
    There are sizes above 2x and no international orders. You must go to the store.

  10. LukealiciousX says:

    Oh I would like to to go there!!!

  11. Buster says:

    @theobserving these were the ones that were there when we visited on Monday. There have been others over the years

  12. jeffsters says:

    I was just there last week an there were a lot more plus the other cool Apple logo items like my new coffee mug and water bottle.

  13. TylerReyna says:

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  14. TylerHoj says:


  15. Jerry Mac says:

    I visited there two weeks ago. The store is right at the front of 1 Infinite Loop dr. I was surprised how mundane the apparel was. Not at all in step with their products. They do however sell some sleek looking apple logo pens. There is the usual hats, glass coffee mugs, water bottles, note books, key chains, etc. iBlew about $300 shopping for souvenirs for family and friends. Then snapped some pics in front of the 1 Infinite Loop sign.

  16. SoloJon says:

    I’m sensing a “clothing they sell in a gym or sports club” vibe here.
    I think they should partner with Zara or H&M or maybe even offer some mac-centric designs from a site like Threadless. Because the “minimalism” exhibited here just smacks of a hollow “corporate” mindset…

  17. EdouardWalter says:

    the t-shirt are also on Apple Plus Store

  18. Dvoros says:

    Since Apple is very successful at retail, don’t you think its odd that we cannot purchase any of these shirts or other objects except from the Apple Store in Calif. itself? If they sold online I know a lot of folks would purchase.

  19. churchyfur says:

    They need to sell these online – and not just in France.

  20. robrv says:

    Do the selll their tshirt items to the uk?

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