Protecti Adds An Extra Layer Of Privacy To Your iPhone [Jailbreak]



For the times when you’d like a little extra privacy on your iPhone, a new jailbreak app, Protecti, will come in handy. Protecti allows you to lock down any app or notification you want, to keep prying eyes out of your information stored on your device.

Like many other Cydia apps, Protecti uses the free Activator tool in order to accomplish much of what it does. Using Protecti, you can set up certain apps to be temporarily unable to launch, or hide any notifications that may come in. Of course, like all apps that integrate with Activator, you can use certain predefined actions in order to accomplish different Protecti tasks. You can even hide certain results from Spotlight search.

Protecti is also useful for parents who let their children use their iOS devices, since they can restrict access to certain apps that they may not want their children using.

Protecti is available for $2.99 in the Big Boss Repo, and jailbroken users can find it here.

Via: Lifehacker