MagSafe To MagSafe 2 Adapter Unboxed, To Hilarious Effect [Humor]


Ridiculous! Photo Paul Kafasis
Ridiculous! Photo Paul Kafasis

Apple is generally known not just for the minimal design of its products, but also for the minimal design of its packaging. But when it comes to the new MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, the box is not only huge in comparison to its payload, it also consists of a frankly ridiculous number of individual parts. And Paul Kafasis, boss of Rogue Amoeba software, has the photos to prove it.

Paul has lovingly made and published a “boxing” of the adapter, starting with the tiny, sure-to-be-lost unit itself and adding inner packing, outer packing, manuals and other papers, plus the packing box, the packing label and even “the piece of cardboard to which that box was attached.”

It’s quite a ridiculous setup, especially when you see everything together at the end. And to think: Apple could just have dropped it into a miniature envelope to mail it.

One Foot Tsunami

  • Paul Flahan

    The actual box this little thing comes in is the box located in the lower left hand corner which isn’t all that bad. It looks similar to the box the iPad camera connection kit comes in. The box that is big is the box FedEx used to ship the little Apple box.

  • hudsy

    The packaging is simply the “MagSafe to MagSafe 2” box on the left. The rest is FedEx’s packaging. Don’t see what all the fuss is about, Apples tiny white box is what one would expect for an accessory product like so.

  • chaoticbuddhist

    What’s “ridiculous” is you trying to make this out to be Apple’s issue. That’s a G.D. FedEx shipping box, and they are always that big. That little box in the lower left hand corner you so conveniently failed to point out? Yeah, THAT’S the box the adapter comes in. Don’t lie just to write a story. It’s just bad form man.