IPhone Scuba Suit For Underwater iPhoneography


Ready for a dip?
Ready for a dip?

Want to take your iPhone to the beach? Fancy taking it with you for a swim and snapping some sweet underwater snaps? Or are you just a friendless loser who is so repulsive that they can’t even find somebody to look after their stuff while they go for a quick dip?

If any of these apply to you, then you might like to take a look at Photojojo’s new iPhone Scuba Suit. And if the last applies to you, then go ahead and buy this waterproof case, but just stay away if you see me by the ocean, OK?

The Scuba Suit is a two-piece hard case with a soft gel screen cover, so you can still play Angry Birds when you’re under water (in fact, I recommend the new watery Piglantis episode in Angry Birds Seasons).

The bigger top section has a pair of clamps that lock on the bottom “lid,” and all units are individually tested to make sure they’re safe down to 15 feet (around five meters). What’s more, there’s a waterproof headphone jack up top. Pair this with some waterproof headphones and you can rock out at the shore.

How much for this wonderful convenience? Just $60. Available now.

Source: Photojojo

Thanks: Kiran!

  • cpmorris0

    Would these manufacturers please stop trying to make people believe that these cases can somehow be used for SCUBA diving.  I am sick of reading these headlines to find out that this case is nowhere near useful to taking a phone SCUBA diving.

  • Thunder Dan

    This is proof that so many posts are just paid promotions anymore on here. If you guys actually checked into this a little you’d know that the iPhone touch screen does not work under water as part of the way the iPhone is designed. I am not sure about using the volume button for pictures though. It may??

  • driSuitTech

    Actually, not a paid advertisement at all but perhaps one of the reasons the endurance is being highlighted here is the fact that it actually does work underwater and retains all functionality of the iphone. Listen to music underwater, switch to the camera or the video recorder, read text and emails etc…etc…anything you can do above the surface you can now do below with the driSuit endurance. Our patented fluidic touchscreen and integrated headphone jack make us stand alone.

  • redrocklobster

    Whatever the functionality may be, this is either a paid ad or extremely lazy reporting by Mr. Sorrel. How can you report on a product “iPhone Scuba” while also noting the specs (waterproof to 15 feet) and not make any mention of the fact the product’s name is essentially a lie? No recreational Scuba diver would stay above 15 feet on a dive. (A typical recreational dive would have a max depth of 40-60 feet and no decompression dives go to 100 feet.) You simply could not take your phone down on a scuba dive. iPhone Snorkel maybe. Do some basic fact checking.

    Which is to say nothing of the grammar: “Or are you just a…loser who is so repulsive that they…”

  • Paul2222222

    Received my Scuba Suit and loving it! I hade a Lifeproof that lasted about 2 weeks before I noticed a crack, fortunately I didn’t wreck my phone. Scuba Suit does everything advertised including: BEING ABLE TO USE THE TOUCH SCREEN UNDERWATER! Had it down to at least 10 meters and no problems. It is especially cool that all I have to do is plug waterproof earbuds and I can play my tunes while playing in the water. All this for $40 less than a Lifeproof.