Griffin Launches iPad Case Designed Specifically For Doctors


Griffin's AirStrap Med case makes the iPad more physician-friendly
Griffin's AirStrap Med case makes the iPad more physician-friendly

The iPad has been popular with doctors and healthcare providers since it debuted two years ago. In fact, the iPad’s form factor and capabilities are almost tailor-made for many common and emerging uses in medicine like electronic health records, medical and drug reference guides, and even remote diagnosis using FaceTime.

With hospitals rolling out iPad deployments and many physicians in private practice buying them, it was only a matter of time before healthcare-specific iPad accessories hit the market. Griffin Technologies is one of the first companies to focus on making the iPad an even better fit for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a new case that’s designed specifically for medical environments.

The new AirStrap Med case, which was designed with input from healthcare professionals, is a variation on Griffin’s AirStrap case. It is designed to be light, easy to carry via a built-in hand strap or shoulder strap, and comfortable to use when wearing latex or nitrile gloves. Equally important is that the case offers a water-tight seal that protects the iPad from moisture or fluids. The case can also be sanitized with industry-standard cleaning and sterilization products.

The AirStrap Med case will work with the iPad 2 and new iPad models and retails for $89.99.

Source: Griffin Technologies
Via: MacTech

Image: Griffin Technologies