Apple I Computer Auctioned Off This Friday, Could Fetch Up To $180,000



In the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, the author tells the story of the first Apple computer, the Apple I, created ostensibly for the Homebrew Computer Club. According the the account in the book, Steve Wozniak wanted to give it away for free to members of the club; Steve Jobs, however, had a different vision. When convinced to sell the computer, Wozniak chose the price of $666.66, one that reflected his taste for repeating numbers, not the number of the beast. This friday, that price will get a hefty upgrade.

That same computer may fetch up to $180,000 via auction house Sotheby’s when it puts a rare model of the venerable computer up for auction on Friday. The original computer was nothing like the integrated computers of today, with no keyboard or monitor; hobbyists expected to add those on their own in 1976, when the computer was first released.

This specific auction also includes manuals and supplementary materials, as well as an Apple I Cassette interface. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for a fairly well-off collector, wouldn’t you say?

From Sotheby’s web site:

LOT 57
Operationalᅠ Appleᅠ Computerᅠ I.ᅠ ᅠ Anᅠ Appleᅠ Iᅠ motherboard,ᅠ labeledᅠ onᅠ obverseᅠ Appleᅠ Computerᅠ I,ᅠ Paloᅠ Alto,ᅠ CA.ᅠ Copyrightᅠ 1976.ᅠ Includesᅠ circuitᅠ boardᅠ withᅠ fourᅠ rowsᅠ A-D,ᅠ andᅠ columnsᅠ 1-18;ᅠ MOSᅠ Technologiesᅠ 6502ᅠ microprocessor,ᅠ labeledᅠ MCSᅠ 6502ᅠ 3776;ᅠ videoᅠ terminal;ᅠ keyboardᅠ interface;ᅠ 8Kᅠ bytesᅠ RAMᅠ inᅠ 16-pinᅠ 4Kᅠ memoryᅠ chips;ᅠ 4ᅠ powerᅠ suppliesᅠ includingᅠ 3ᅠ capacitors;ᅠ firmwareᅠ inᅠ PROMSᅠ (A1,ᅠ A2);ᅠ low-profileᅠ socketsᅠ onᅠ allᅠ integratedᅠ circuits;ᅠ breadboard;ᅠ heatsink;ᅠ expansionᅠ connector;ᅠ cassetteᅠ boardᅠ connector.ᅠ (15ᅠ 1/8ᅠ xᅠ 9ᅠ in.;ᅠ 385ᅠ xᅠ 234ᅠ mm)

Source: Sotheby’s Via: Wall Street Journal

  • drblank

    First off, if I owned this, the only reason to sell it is because your destitute and need the money. If you don’t need the money, something like this should be better suited in a museum. Now, if you find yourself in the UNIQUE position of having enough money to waste on this, then if you need a tax write off because you basically have more money than you now what to do with, then you are probably someone that needs a tax write off. Well, whether it’s me or someone else, there are people out there that suffered from a layoff, or in my case a wrongful termination that have lost their homes, car, belongings, etc. and have an actual need for money. But instead of helping people get their feet on the ground, they give it to some useless non-profit that either does bare minimum, or wastes money doing something that is futile. now, what would I do with that money? I would use whatever I didn’t need on getting a new car, etc,m but I have an actual business idea to design and create a product that I need to further R&D the prototype to start what I feel would be a very nicely run business that would run with a high level of integrity, honesty, and actually have a very good chance at becoming profitable within the first year or two and it isn’t some Internet business that has a 10% chance at surviving, My business would be considered a small business, but I don’t have any desire to go public because I don’t that I would need to, nor would I want to. Because I think it is possible to have a business that can make a decent product with title or no competition and make a decent living being able to pay employees a nice salary and maybe even have a no lay off policy. If these companies have to to lay people off or wrongfully terminate people (in my case), then those CEOs shouldn’t be a CEO.