New In iOS 6: Siri Supports Location Services Internationally


Siri will finally find places internationally.
Siri will finally find places internationally.

Being a Brit, one of the most disappointing things about Siri is that it doesn’t support location services in the United Kingdom. Unlike iPhone 4S users in the United States, I can’t ask Siri to find me a nice restaurant nearby, or for the nearest gas station. However, that’s no longer the case in iOS 6, because Siri now supports location services internationally.

As noted by one Reddit user, iOS 6 allows users in Australia and in the U.K. — and possibly other countries, too, though this is yet to be confirmed — to search for places nearby. Until now, this feature has been exclusive to users in the U.S. only.

One thing I have found, however, is that it doesn’t seem to be quite as accurate in the U.K. For example, when I asked Siri “where can I get pizza,” its closest result was around 15 miles away. However, I know there’s a pizza shop at the end of my road. When I asked for the nearest gas station, the closest result was 46 miles away.

You're lying!

Despite this, introducing location services internationally is at least a step in the right direction. And of course, Siri is only going to get better as Apple continues to develop it.

Source: Reddit

  • digit13

    It was for this reason, that as an Australian, I have found Siri to so far be nothing but a gimmick. Apple were too slow to roll this out internationally. I’ve already made the jump to Android.

  • townNOTgown

    By the looks of things they need Siri to learn some simple things like “petrol” otherwise it’ll be going in the bin…

  • KillianBell

    By the looks of things they need Siri to learn some simple things like “petrol” otherwise it’ll be going in the bin…

    Actually, I did search “petrol station.” But Siri changed it to “gas station” in the result.

  • nathanl1192

    In the UK, I heard that it doesn’t work very well, and doesn’t recognise many business. Movie listings don’t work internationally either apparently.

  • Dave Healey

    Hahahah, @digit13, that’s an OTT drastic move if ever I’ve heard one!!!

    I too am seeing sketchy results in the UK, but its not Siri’s fault, its lazy businesses not taking their marketing serious enough.
    I have already tipped a few places I know to use this valuable time before it goes Public to claim their business on Yelp and get their data up-to-date. It doesn’t take long, so if your local business doesn’t show up in a few months time, shame on them is all I can say!

  • MrBilly

    I would expect that this will only work well if Siri is referencing an accurate and complete database of restaurants and movie theatres. I’m not sure where that data comes from. Does the data come from Yelp, or OpenTable and Fandango or does Apple collect and maintain the POI data (points of interest)?

    I’m expecting the results will be “so-so” in Canada as well. I’m not a developer, so I don’t have access to the iOS 6 beta to try it out. I think that this will work better outside of the US, once the data that Siri references becomes more robust. It would be nice if the users themselves could contribute to the data collection.
  • Conor Conay Jackson

    What the …? ‘I’ve found twelve gas stations’?

    Couldn’t they have used its proper British terminology, you know… Petrol?
    And speaking of which, you’re 46 miles from a Bristol petrol station?
  • joewaylo

    One thing I wish they added to Siri, not just the gas stations out of the USA, but also the prices from GasBuddy or thereof for internationals.

    “What are the cheapest gas(petrol) stations in my area?” – “I’m not programmed to look for gas(petrol) prices, but I can tell you of gas(petrol) stations in your area.”

    It’s a useful idea if you’re watching your money. Well half the time. Most of my gas savings areas are at Wholesale Clubs.

  • WilkinsMagdale1

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  • Karolis Makrickas

    It’s not true. SIRI still don’t work in Lithuania and other Baltic countries. tested myself :)

  • swingbox3

    Hi ! Reader from france, i want to tell you that Siri location don’t work here ! Cannot find restaurants or else ! Even the sports result doesn’t work well ;)

  • Lucas Iser

    I have the iOS 6 beta an live in Austria (i speak german) and location search however only works in english :D

  • Drew Hallenbeck

    Siri Location Services work in Canada :)

  • almond81

    I always tend to find finding things like Petrol Stations and Cash points and simple things using a generic search such as Supermarket always sketchy even on normal search engines, especially google maps. It always pulls up wildly inaccurate things and if Siri is using such results then it’s gonna be pretty pointless.