7 Awesome Features Apple Left Out Of iOS 6


iOS 6 has some awesome new features, but here's 7 things it's still missing.
iOS 6 has some awesome new features, but here's 7 things it's still missing.

We’re super excited for iOS 6. Although it isn’t the complete iOS overhaul many users were hoping for, it does deliver a whole host of new features — like a new Maps app, user interface enhancements, improvements to stock apps, and Siri support on iPad — that we’re certainly looking forward to.

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that iOS 6 still has some things missing. Things we’ve been waiting for for some time. Here are seven of them.


This is how the Dashboard X tweak handles widgets on jailbroken iPhones. They're not perfect, but imagine what they could be if Apple got behind them.

I don’t know how you feel about widgets, but I’ve been waiting for them to come to iOS for as long as I can remember. I’ve used a lot of Android devices over the past year or so, and I believe widgets work well in Google’s platform. What’s more, I think Apple and iOS developers could execute them perfectly.

It would be great to glance at your display and instantly see things like your Twitter or Facebook feed; the latest stories from your RSS reader; the latest sports scores; the weather; your website analytics or AdSense earnings — the possibilities are endless. For simple information like this, we shouldn’t have to open up an app.

However, we’re still yet to see widgets in iOS, and there’s no indication when — or indeed if — they will arrive.


Android phones have Google Wallet. Why don't we have "iWallet" yet?

There’s has been a lot of speculation about an “iWallet” in recent months. This, according to the rumors, will be Apple’s answer to Google Wallet — a system which allows you to register your credit cards and pay for items using your iPhone.

But like Widgets, we heard nothing about iWallet from WWDC.

However, there may be a good reason for that. It’s likely this kind of service would requite hardware that isn’t already built into the iPhone — such as NFC connectivity. So it’s possible Apple could unveil an iWallet app during its sixth-generation iPhone unveiling later this year.

We’re keeping our fingers firmly crossed.

Folders Without Limits

"I am stuffed!"

This is a simple request, but one that I’m sure would be welcomed by almost every iOS user I know. And it would be so easy for Apple to implement. I want Folders that aren’t limited to just 12 apps. I have a stack of games, productivity apps, utility apps, and photography apps that I don’t want to split into two, three, or even four different folders.

Why limit Folders to just 12 apps? It doesn’t make sense.

Siri Support for Third-Party Apps

Not as much as I'd like, I'm afraid, Siri.

Another suggestion in the rumors leading up to Apple’s event this week was that the Cupertino company would open Siri up to third-party app developers. This would allow us to control apps like Spotify, WhatsApp, Tweetbot, Facebook, Skype, and more using only our voice.

Like widgets, the possibilities here are endless.

Siri is still in beta, however, so this is something Apple could be holding onto until it has ironed out some of the voice assistant’s teething problems. I’m certainly more confident we’ll see Siri support for third-party apps in a future iOS release than I am about seeing widgets.

Shortcuts Syncing

Designed to make iOS life easier, Shortcuts are a nightmare to manage. Isn't that ironic?

Again, this is another small feature that would make a huge difference for many of us. The “common phrases” that we create shortcuts for are unlikely to change depending on which iOS device we’re using, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could sync them between iOS devices?

I have between 15 and 20 shortcuts setup in iOS now — mainly for email addresses, postal addresses, etc. I recently restored my iPhone and iPad and set them both up as “new” devices. I had to to type out all of my shortcuts twice to add them to both devices.

Let’s add these to iCloud sync, Apple!

Panoramic Camera

Whatever happened to you?

Proof that Apple was working on a panorama feature for its built-in Camera app surfaced long before the company released iOS 5. However, we’re still yet to see the feature in a public iOS release.

Sure, there are third-party apps — some of which are free — that add this feature to iOS. But if Apple has already created its own solution, why not just release it?

Game Controller Support

This is halfway there, but still not good enough for certain games.

Admittedly, this is more a pipe dream than a possibility, which is why I left it until the end. Portable gaming has come a long, long way over the last few years — and it’s the iPhone and the App Store we can thank for that. But for many gamers, iOS devices will never be able to fully replace traditional handheld consoles without physical controls.

First-person shooters, sports simulators, platform games and more really don’t work well on a touch-based devices. Allowing us to hook up a game controller — preferably via Bluetooth — would make iOS gaming just perfect. Then consoles really would have something to worry about.

What’s On Your Wish-List?

So that concludes my list of features that are still missing in iOS 6. Of course, I must point out that Apple only released the first iOS 6 beta three days ago, and so one or two of these features could pop up in future preview before the software goes public this fall.

For now, though, they’re still missing. What was on your iOS 6 wish-list that didn’t materialize during WWDC?

  • DrW_Qass

    What I desperately wanted and what is making me question my continued use of the platform:

    Better app-to-app integration and better app-to-OS integration. Allow me to set different apps as defaults for different tasks, let different applications interface with each other, something like Windows 8 contracts.
    The lack of application flexibility was alright for a while, but it is starting to feel really limiting. 
  • saalokin


  • k_avinash

    You missed the ‘SwipeSelection’ in this list. A must and really helpful.

  • pierrevano

    I agree with most of them on the list but I disagree with widgets. I don’t think Apple will implement them ever because it’s not designed like most of the iOS features. I even think it will disappear on the Mac in the futur because most of the users simply don’t use them. 

  • vanmacguy

    Customizable home screen. Which might be the same thing as widgets.

  • JaredABurnett

    Quick reply texting from anywhere.

  • Robs89

    Where do i get this Apple-Emoji that you have on the picture with the folder?

  • Flyphoenix

    Toggles it’s something so small but it could make a big diffrence.

  • joewaylo
    • Enhanced Camera Features (Timer, Multi-Picture)
    • Navigation with SpeedTrap notices by users
    • Widgets with Toggles
  • Timothy Williamson

    Apple is probably saving some surprises for the iPhone 5 (6) release.

  • Unis Zuurmond

    My list is simple, things I had on my Nokia feature phone. Notifications for birthdays in my calendar. Timed silent mode (this will require a hardware change). The option to remove stock apps that cannot be used in South Africa, like Game Centre and Stocks. Also, some Android features: retina recognition that I’m stillwatching when videos play, and therefore not dimming the screen. And face recognition unlock.

  • mad1at35

    On iphone. Less features. There are getting too many options stuffed all over the place. I just want a good phone, a good browser, the ability to play music, and a good camera with lots of Storage to store said photos and videos. Any other functionality can come via an app (eg BBC iplayer). Ios, like many of the mobile platforms, is getting too bloated.

    As my better half rightly points out with an air of realism, it’s a phone that does extra stuff, not a replacement for a computer.

    Some of the items mentioned here would work on the ipad as it is trying to be a partial computer replacement, but please Apple take stuff off the iphone, go minimalist.

  • annettedb

    I wish there were easier ways to get to my contacts.  In old Palm from years and years ago, I could just start typing on the keyboard and a contact name would appear.  So many steps on the iPhone.  Also, really wish that my email groups that I created in Contacts would work on email on the iPhone.  

  • JFrites

    All I have ever wanted it Apple to give us the ability to color mark our email accounts so I can quickly see in my universal inbox which account an email is from.

    I can only imagine that would take 10 minutes to implement.
  • Mark Hartman

    Besides more items in a folder, folders within folders would also be nice.

  • Singh Amardeep

    SWIPE SELECTION HAS MADE MY LIFE SOOO MUCH EASIER. Disappointed that apple didn’t add it :(

  • bootedbear

    All I want is a blacklist added to the Phone app. That shouldn’t be too much to ask!

  • John Neumann

    Reciprocating serrated edges that pop out of the sides of the iPad when I give a certain voice command so if my brother won’t hand over my device,i can have the satisfaction of knowing his fingers will be hanging on by dangling bits of skin. 

    Angry Birds makes me so ANGRY!
  • Ruichuen1989

    agree with all, except the widget, as it would make it look as messy as Android

  • John Howell

    Personal hotspot: I which I could select wifi or cabled sharing separately. I tend to cable to my laptop so I can charge the phone at the same time, and don’t want to have wifi enabled, and then after using the iPad on wifi, I have to remember to go and turn off sharing or it tries to share when I dock to charge it on my Mac at home.. Annoying.

  • Lucas Phillips

    I’m a long-time, hardcore jailbreaker. I will never stop jailbreaking if it means I have to stay on iOS 5.1.1 into the 2030’s. But there are a few things apple could fix, like 12 freaking apps to a folder, that would be enough for most people to cash in their jailbreaks.

  • zviivz

    I don’t really care for the rest but widgets .. common! You gotta have some shortcut widgets on iOS. How many times do I have to fiddle with the settings just to toggle the bluetooth, cellular data and wifi?

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    Folders without limits. Hands down. This is my biggest annoyance with iOS…and a symbol of why I’m on Windows and not OSX. Apple doesn’t believe in freedom for the user, and I can’t productively operate under those restrictions.

  • CaptainWhizz

    Pointless adding new features when the old ones aren’t finished. I have sent in two developer comments over the years on the complete inability of IOS to do anything with groups. Until they fix this you cannot use an IOS device in non(post) PC environment. Groups were in there at the iPhones inception and they are unusable without a Mac. Come on Apple – get with the program!

  • Sparky

    Ability to resize Main icons to Small, Medium, or Large size –  and have them as mixed sizes on one screen.
    Couple to 20 deep or ‘infinite’ nesting of folders.


    I still like to have a main folder and put other related icons in it.
    Trouble is the apps icons are too small for my eyes when they are inside another and also when I do actually enter the folder I cannot use longer names.

    Specifically I need to be able to
    Create a ‘times 2’ sized icon where I can actually make out the picture and read a long name like Resident Kneival Battle for Sheboygan (2013) 

    BTW .. yes you can go ahead and create this game..


  • ToddHensley

    For the iPad, user accounts/profiles.  A lot of family members share an iPad, but don’t want to share data and settings.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I wish there were easier ways to get to my contacts.  In old Palm from years and years ago, I could just start typing on the keyboard and a contact name would appear.  So many steps on the iPhone.  Also, really wish that my email groups that I created in Contacts would work on email on the iPhone.  

    Not many steps at all. All you do is swipe left to search and type in the contact name.

  • Ari Asulin

    And I could name 7 more.

    All features that came standard with Android 1.5 3 years ago.

    Walk away from the Apple Cult

  • djjenso0n

    more than 4 icons in the dock and the ability to put folders in folders

  • seanpatterson

    We need full RSS support back!!!