In iOS 6, The Status Bar Changes Color To Match The App You’re Running


Status bars are all kinds of colors in iOS 6.
Status bars are all kinds of colors in iOS 6.

We’ve already shown you a whole host of new iOS 6 features that Apple didn’t get time to mention during its WWDC keynote yesterday, and here’s another one. In fact, this is probably one of the coolest in the bunch. Notice how the status bar above certain stock apps — like Settings or Mail — is now blue? Well, that actually changes color to match the theme of the app you’re running.

We assumed Apple just gave the status bar a simple lick of paint to freshen it up. Until we started opening apps, which is when we realized that it actually changes color. Here are a few examples of the status bar above Skype, Facebook Messenger, an AdSense app called myRevenue, and eBay.

Facebook Messenger

It appears not every app is supported. In fact, it’s not easy to find ones that are. But it’s possible this is a feature that developers can take advantage of, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more apps taking advantage of this.

Source: Reddit

  • MrSarcy

    Well, all I can say is thank God for that. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a Jetsons-like world, but now I’ll know. Thank you, CultofMac, for this informative and, dare I say it, almost philosophical article. I will forever more rember where I was when I read about this, like the birth of my firstborn.

  • mr_bee

    WTF? Seems silly to me.  While I can easily think of a couple of reasons why this is bad, I can’t think of a single good reason why they bothered to do this.  

    It’s quite unlike Apple to do this kind of unnecessary pimping. 
  • joewaylo

    Seems like a bad idea already brewing. I’m already missing the original silver bar.

  • tcbritt

    Are you sure this isnt a type of notification or alert?  Like the app is updating or something.

  • Nicole Ritter

    Does iOS6 come with ReconnectBook integration for those of us leaving Facebook?

  • siddharthbandhu

    Wow, thats neat.

  • Simon Wesslan Westerlund

    It only affects the apps that use the old standard statusbar, the gray one.

  • Tom Almond

    I don’t like it :(

  • Creeperio

    I think that this must be just an option, just like in some apps where you can choose your favorite color for the navigation bar, or just keep the default. For example, this one