Apple’s Back To School Promotion Starting Soon: $50 Gift Card With New iPad, $100 With New Mac



Apple is set to launch its 2012 ‘Back to School’ promotion soon, according to the rumor mill this morning. With the purchase of a new iPad, educational customers will be eligible to receive a free $50 iTunes gift card. A new Mac purchase will come with a $100 gift card.

Apple’s WWDC keynote is starting in less than two hours, and the company is expected to unveil iOS 6 and new Mac hardware.

Both MacRumors and 9to5Mac are hearing whispers of Back to School starting soon, but it’s currently unclear as to whether the promotion will start tomorrow or in the coming weeks.

The $100 gift card with a new Mac isn’t new, but $50 with a new iPad would be a new addition to the promotion. In the past, the Mac mini has not qualified for Back to School. Whatever new hardware Apple may announce today will likely qualify.

Last year, Back to School started on June 16th. Apple could very well wait to launch the promotion after WWDC this week.

  • Neil Paul Donal Almond

    I love apple’s strange currency conversions between its products…

    $99 for apple tv  ££99
    $100 itunes voucher = £65