Leaked MacBook Pro Logic Board Reveals New NVIDIA Kepler Graphics, Exactly The Same Design

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Apart from a new graphics chip, this MacBook Pro logic board looks exactly like the old one.
Apart from a new graphics chip, this MacBook Pro logic board looks exactly like the old one.

We’re almost certain Apple will announce a new MacBook Pro at WWDC this week, but what we’re not quite so sure of is exactly what the new notebook will bring. An Intel Ivy Bridge processor and a high-resolution Retina display seem like the most feasible changes, but there’s also been much debate over a new design.

Some reports have suggested the device will sport a thinner, lighter form factor that will be heavily influenced by the MacBook Air. While others have claimed the design will remain the same as existing MacBook Pros. Now a leaked logic board for the upcoming device seems to side with the latter.

Photographs of a leaked MacBook Pro logic board which have surfaced on Chinese forum WeiPhone.com show there is little difference between this particular component and the one that features in the current crop of MacBook Pros. Apart from a new NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Kepler graphics chip and 1GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, the logic board appears to be no different. Even the screw holes are in exactly the same spots.

It’s certainly plausible that this logic board is simply a prototype that has been used to test the new graphics chip inside one of the current MacBook Pros. Apple often does this with new products so that new designs and form factors are not leaked ahead of their unveiling.

However, if the logic board is a final design, it would suggest that the new MacBook Pro will sport almost exactly the same design as the existing one. In order to make it thinner and lighter, we would almost certainly see some changes to the internal components. Of course, we won’t know exactly what the situation is until Apple’s WWDC keynote, which is now just a few hours away.

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Source: WeiPhone

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